Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby #3 and Update on kids

I have not posted in awhile...I have had morning sickness which always make me refuse to do anything. We are excited for our baby #3 due in mid August! I wanted to write up a few things on Calvin and Kyla cause they are at such a cute age right now.


He loves:

-Being chased - He has loved being chased since he could first crawl and his passion for it doesn't seem to end. He begs me and Moema to race him about 300x a day and we can't really beat him anymore, he has the advantage cause he is small and can take the corners easier to block us out. It gets tiring sometimes but I like to give him a least a few races everyday - but it never seems to be enough for him:)

-Tackling his sister- another one that he seems to have been born with, his need to wrestle all those around him, luckily his sister loves it usually, unless it gets to rough.

-Cars, Trucks, Monster trucks, garbage trucks, cranes, anything that moves and makes noise.

He hates:

-When we get emotional at all, if we act like we want something too much he won't do it, or if we get angry at him or shout he just shuts down and will not give in. He is quite the stubborn boy and has an incredible amount of pride for a little 3 year old. If I tell him to say sorry to his sister in a harsh way he will NEVER do it, he would rather stay in his room all day long...but if I just say it like it isn't a big deal "please say sorry" then he will do it. Luckily he is a natured boy so we usually don't have to punish him for things. This aspect of his personality is helping me be more laid back and hold back on my anger, which are lessons I certainly needed to learn.

-Naps - since we took his paci away right before Christmas naps have become quite the struggle, I can sometimes get him to go down but I think he is outgrowing them now.


-She is left handed, I hope I can figure out how to raise a lefty but she certainly is. Moema hopes this may help her have an advantage is some sports.

-She is a much better sleeper of late, thanks to hours of making her cry it out and sticking to my guns.

-She Loves

-Mandarin oranges, she calls them "nanas" and is completely addicted. She has about 10 a day, I hope it wont' damage her but I guess it is better than loving cookies.

-Veggies, fruit...she is a great healthy eater.

-Opening things, destroying things, riding on her dad's back, being naked

She Hates

-When her hands are dirty

-Getting her hair de-tangled.

I love these kids so much and can't wait to meet the next one!