Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summer's End

Sorry it has been a long break. We have had a great summer, filled with travel - as usual. We are possibly moving in a few months from the area and I am really going to miss Pennsylvania, if it wasn't so expensive I would want to live here forever! I am so close to my siblings and there is so much to do and see. I have been working hard on getting back to pre-baby weight and am finally having success. The Raw Food Detox Diet and Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose have really given me a fresh view of life and I am happy to say for two months I have been a almost vegan (I do occasionally eat eggs and fish) eating about 75% raw diet and I love it, I hope this can be a life change for me but I am taking one day at a time. Anyway, my kids are keeping me busy as they are both very energetic and Kyla is still a horrible sleeper. She is getting so cute and big and is starting to walk! 11 months old but not teeth yet but she is my little raw foodist and will only eat fruits and veggies, even if I give her junk food she won't eat it, lets see how long that lasts:)

We went down to see my parents on a a mission in Virgina Beach

Kyla with her cousin Neal, 6 months. My sister JaLayne and her family were here this weekend and we went to Phily with them. It was a tight fit with her seven kids in our little apartment but it was fun. I have the world's best sisters and am so lucky to have them close to me, although now JaLayne is moving to California.

With my little girl

On my birthday we did a bike ride in Valley Forge and I loved it! Best birthday ever, especially since I didn't have to lug the kids up all the hills.

29 years old, I am getting so old and to be honest I hate it.

This cake was so good and 100% raw! Moema loved it too, no wheat or sugar.

I babysat JaLayne's kids in Albany for a week while she went house-hunting. It was so fun and I got paid by State Farm (David's company)!

Moema having fun with the kids

Cal and Kyla with cousins Neal and Evan.
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  1. first of all, thanks for the super sweet comment you left on our blog!

    second, you are GLOWING! seriously ally, i have to admit i am jealous of your perfect, smooth, radiant skin! haha i sound like an infomercial, but it's true! you are gorgeous. hope you know that. :)

    your kiddos are adorable and i loooove kyla's hair. aren't curls the best?

  2. hi again! just got your email is
    i guess i didn't have your email address either...weird. anyways, i would love to hear more about that job opportunity...thanks for thinking of us!