Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calvin is 2

he said he wanted cookies and candy on his cake so he loved this. He was so excited for his birthday, he kept waking up the night before asking for Burtday. He got a bunch of fun toys i got on craigslist. He was a happy boy, and his grandpa and grandma flake were here for the night.

He is quite the pro at the ipod and can start it, find the youtube button, click on favorite, scroll down and find dora and even adjust the volume - better than most adults:)
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  1. is that last pic for real - with calvin crossing his leg over and everything? it is hilarious! he looks like a mini-adult bumming on his i-pod. i can see his teenage years ahead...

    congrats - you are the mom of a 2 year old! let me know if the "terrible twos" myth is real or not.