Saturday, January 8, 2011


So yesterday I went to the doctor and that is always an interesting experience...especially now with two kids under two. Calvin has a big problem with fact it takes a long time for him to warm up to he was not very nice to the nurses or doctor. I had to hold him down to get a measurement of him. But luckily I had thought ahead and downloaded an episode of Dora on my Ipod and that helped calm him down while the doctor talked to me. Of course she was another fighter on immunizations but I held my ground and said only two at a time...she wanted to put like six shots in my two month does that seem like a good thing? Anyway...she was a nice lady nonetheless. Here are my kids current measurements:

Calvin (almost 23 months)
Weight -27.12 lbs - 74th percentile - he is getting chunky this winter from staying indoors
Height - 34 1/4 inches - 55th percentile - his dad is worried his chances of being a professional athlete are fading since he isn't very tall
Head circumference - 20 - 98% percentile - huge head!

Kyla (2 1/2 months)
Weight - 13.15 lbs - 95th percentile...she is a little chunk... but doctor said not to worry since she is breastfeeding she will lose it
Height - 23 inches - 70% percentile
Head - 15 3/4 inches - 93rd percentile - what is with my kids and the heads!

Kyla is such a happy baby and just so easy. I love that girl! She smiles all the time and the doctor said she is better than a four month old at holding her head up. Calvin is obsessed with the Cars movie and carries around a Lightning McQueen car (or speed as he calls him) all the time. Only one month till he is two! He has his bad moments where he throws tantrums but luckily the good moments are much more common. I am reading parenting books to help me be a better mom and hopefully raise two loving and good natured kids.

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  1. You have some super cute kids. I love looking at your blog!