Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A great Christmas in New York

We had the best Christmas this year at my brother Taylor's house in Amawalk, NY. He has seven kids and we spent last year with them too, it is so fun to join in their traditions and just have a great couple days...Moema got to play a ton of sports and we went to Sherlock holmes...Calvin and Kyla love their cousins who are so nice to them. Fun was had by all.

A wonderful Christmas dinner with Taylor and family.
We had great treats in our stockings thanks to Taylor and Shelley, Kyla wasn't quite awake in this photo.

The Christmas tree and presents

With cousin Benjamin

Patiently waiting on the stairs to go see their presents

Playing with his new Garbage truck, he loves it!

With cousins, Kyla was the baby Jesus in the nativity scene

Christmas morning at Taylor's house

With cousins in their new pajamas

She loves her new kitchen but loves the candy canes more.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holidays in Philly

Calvin just loves Moonbounce, and we got to go with a bunch of his church friends so it was extra fun!

Just enjoying some chocolate pretzels
Moema turned 27 on Dec 16th. I got him a watch and some sweat pants. We ate out at an Amish Smorgasbord for lunch, it was so good!
The two buddies

they love playing in the dryer, especially when I shut the door and let them hang out in the dark.
Kyla with her big winter coat...thanks to my friend Amy for letting us use it this winter!
Five years of marriage, we went to Longwood Gardens and saw the lights, it was cold but really fun! I am so lucky to be married to Moema, he really does make me so happy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Activities

I love Kyla's Ugg boots one of Moema's co-workers gave us! She is such
a sweet girl and lately her sleeping has been quite good.
So my sister Lucinda gave us the idea of doing a chain advent calendar where you write different Christmas activities for each day, it has been really fun, most of them are very simple to Christmas music, or hang candy canes on the tree but it is so we are making Ginger bread men.

Not a very impressive tree but when kids are pulling decoration off all day it starts to look a bit odd.

Another advent activity, making hot cocoa with fixings.
Trader Joe's had a great Gingerbread house, so easy and sturdy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving break in Danville, VA


Since the above photo I have found an amazing book...Curly Girl...which has helped me so much in understanding how to do Kyla's hair and now I am happy to say it is not such a frizzy mess...the key is conditioner...conditioner...conditioner...and no shampoo.

At UNC...this was a huge campus...much bigger than Duke, awesome buildings but not quite as picturesque as Duke...I absolutely love going to University Campus' makes me feel young again, it did help that we left the kids with my sister...i wonder if people thought I was a student...I am probably too old now to blend in. I would love to go back to school someday, when all my kids are in school.

Duke is an amazing campus by the reminded us of a college at Oxford, it was small but beautiful!
He hated and loved the chickens

Kyla with Aunt Lucinda
Calvin Loved going to Lowe's Build and Learn

Kyla with her cousin Ally - my namesake

Uncle Justin Hauling my kids
Reading a book with Calvin, Grant, and Dawson

We just got our computer fixed so here is an old post with photos....

So I am visiting my sister now I can blog since our computer has some virus so I haven't been able to for a long time. I am having such a great time! My sister lives down in Danville, VA where her husband is an optometrist. Lucinda is only two years older than me and we have always been best friends so it is so amazing to have almost two weeks down here. Moema flew down yesterday so will spend Thanksgiving with us. It was a rough seven hour drive without him...Kyla is known far and wide for being the world's worst car baby....but it has been well worth it. I am so glad Lucinda found such an amazing place...with fifteen acres and you gotta love housing prices in Souther Virginia.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A very intersting video for women...please watch

My friend Hillary posted this on Facebook and I think it is so interesting, I wish all young women had to watch this, knowledge is power!

Friday, November 11, 2011