Friday, December 10, 2010

Hershey Park, Baby Blessing

We went to Hershey with Levin and family and it was so freezing but really fun!

Kyla's baby blessing, she looked amazing in the dress my sister-in-law Amber loaned us! Levin and family were there for the blessing, it was wonderful and Moema was called the same day to be Elder's Quorum President.

I love this little dress, given to us by my friend Amanda Knickerbocker.
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The Siblings

She has had enough, give me some space! Don't worry I always make sure he is soft with her.

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Calvin Mauling Kyla

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Calvin and Kyla

Calvin is more than a little obsessed with his sister...he loves her so much, he is usually pretty soft but loves to come and and try and hold her and pat her head, he is so sweet with her! He always says "Bye Bye Baby" when he goes upstairs and always asks "Where Baby" when she is not in the room. He is such a sweet hearted little boy.

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