Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on the Matsoso Family

So I thought I would give a little update on the family.

Calvin loves his little sister! He just stares and her and pats her head and points to all her body parts. He is such a good big brother. He has had a hard time adjusting to getting less attention but I wouldn't say he is jealous. He has been acting up a little more of late but I think with time he will be back to normal...or maybe he is just starting the terrible twos.

Kyla is the perfect little baby. She is the best nurser in the history of the world. She eats so well and I haven't had any problems with nursing. The only problem is she gets bad gas, especially at night which makes it really uncomfortable for her. I hold her all night to try and help her and me get some sleep.

Moema is doing great at work but just got news of a big calling...Elders Quorum President. It should be a challenge since we are new in the ward, he is the youngest guy in the quorum, and he has a full plate with studying for the GMAT, two kids, and a demanding job...and a demanding wife. I am going to try and be a support for him and not complain when he has meetings:)

I am trying to learn how to be a mother of two....just posting this blog has taken about four hours since it seems I always have one or both of the kids screaming or somehow demanding my attention. I am determined to enjoy these early years and not let lack of sleep and the stresses of motherhood get me down...but it can be difficult at times. I love my little kids so much and that makes it all a little easier to take. It is nice to have so many siblings nearby so I always have one trip of another to look forward to. We are going down to Oliver and Levin's for Thanksgiving and the next weekend a bunch of my siblings are coming up here to do Hershey's and then Kyla's baby blessing.

Overall things are great for us...We have a great life and love our little family.

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  1. aaw, Calvin's so sweet! And goodluck to Moema (and you) about his new calling. You are such an awesome mother, Allyson. It sure is really nice to have siblings nearby. Glad to read about an update with your family! :)