Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in southern Maryland

My sister Lucinda with her daughter Allyson, my baby Kyla, and her daughter Alena.
We had such a fun Thanksgiving break at my brothers' houses...we stayed with my brother Levin but Oliver is just five minutes away so we shared time between the two. My sister Lucinda and family were also there so it was so fun...14 cousins and four siblings together and spouses. The food was incredible! We eat helped out but my brother Levin raised a bunch of turkeys and killed a 40 pounder for the occasion. Oliver also smoked one that was a little smaller. Moema got to play a lot of sports with my brothers and even went hunting...he didn't get to shoot anything though (thankfully). It was so nice to be with my sister and show off my new baby to everyone. No one was sick, and all the kids got along great!

Kyla, Allyson, Leah

At the Horse Auction Alena got to hold some dogs an Amish guy was selling.

Levin's chickens
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