Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kyla Sophie Matsoso

I can't figure out how to turn this photo
She is so sweet!

He loves his sister!

Withe Daddy

Our first look at her

8lb 6 ounces and 20 inches

So what a wonderful week this has fact a wonderful month. Yes it was uncomfortable and stressful the last month of pregnancy but so nice to have my mom here with me for so long as we waited for this baby to come. We orginally had a C-section set up for October 7th since she was breech, then at the last second she turned so I wanted to try for a VBAC...three weeks later she still made no signs of wanting to come out! She finally made her arrival on October 28th at around 8am. Unfortunately we had to have a C-section since she was a week past her due date and I still was not dilated or effaced...the doctor said it could be three more weeks he saw no signs of progress and since my risk of rupture is higher than usual due to my bicornuate uterus we decided to just give in and do the C-section before she got too big. I have such a great doctor who was willing to do anything to give me a chance at the VBAC but in the end it seems the safest thing was to just do the C-section. I was quite disappointed the day I realized I wouldn't get a VBAC but the next day I felt really peaceful and like it was the right thing.

Thursday morning at 5am I went in and had the scheduled C-section. Luckily I had my doctor, Dr. Mansfield to do the surgery which made me feel more relaxed that all would go well. My mom and Moema were there but they would only let Moema in for the surgery. It went really well and took a little longer than with Calvin but my doctor said he was cleaning up the last scar and that everything looked great and I shouldn't have any problems having more kids...although they will all have to be C-section.

The only really pain was the extreme nausea the Spinal gave me...but other than that I didn't feel anything. They pulled her out and pulled the divider down and I saw my beautiful girl...they even let me hold her while they stitched me up...a lot better experience than with Calvin when they wouldn't show him to for like ten minutes and then wheeled me off to the recovery room for an hour without him. After the surgery I went into a room in labor and delivery and had my new baby girl with me. We settled on the name Kyla Sophie Matsoso. She is so sweet!

I had to stay in the hospital two nights and luckily didn't have a roommate for very long. Moema stayed with me both nights. Kyla is such a good little nurser and sleeper and a very well behaved baby. She makes me realize that Calvin was quite a hard baby by comparison. Moema asked would I rather have the easy pregnancy I had with Calvin and the hard baby or the harder pregnancy I had with Kyla and the easy baby... still deciding on that one but it is so nice not to have the worries I had with Calvin. He had problems nursing, had acid reflux, and cried A LOT. Kyla seems to be able to just lay contented all day and eats great.

I think it as a little hard on Calvin having me gone for three days but now he is back to normal and luckily my mom and dad were there to babysit for us. He seems to really like the baby and is fascinated by signs of jealousy yet. He just keeps saying baby and calles her "KyDa". He is so sweet, he loves to play with her feet and touch her hair...of which she has a ton!

We are so blessed to have this little angel. I am sure it will be a challenge with two young ones but I pray I will be able to handle it. Motherhood certainly is not easy but it is so rewarding and these children bring such happiness to Moema and I. God has blessed us so greatly!


  1. congratulations you guys! oh my gosh i haven't been good at checking blogs lately but i just came on here and was so happy to see your newest little angel! she is gorgeous and i love her name! i can't wait to see more pics as she grows.

  2. Congratulations on the new baby!!! She is beautiful - so are you! You look incredible for having just had a c-section. WAY TO GO MATSOSO'S!!!