Friday, October 8, 2010

Calvin our cute little toddler

Calvin is 19 months!

I thought I would give a little update on Calvin and his ever growing personality. He is such a joy and I love him so much! He is starting to really develop his own will and knows what he likes and doesn't like but he is still such a sweet boy and so innocent. He is learning to defend himself more from other kids, but usually he just lets them take his toys or hit him and just stares at them in disbelief. I think having a little sister will be good for him, but I am sure it will also be a challenge since he is so used to all my attention. But good news is he is getting better at playing by himself.
Things he Loves

1) His mom, I think he senses that change is coming cause he has gotten so clingy lately and even cries if I leave him with his dad. I am so worried that when my friends or father watches him during my delivery he is going to cry the whole time. Nursery is still traumatic for him, we leave him in there every week and he still cries for a long time and needs to be held the rest of the time.

2) Horses, he calls them "neigh" and is absolutely obsessed. He hands me the remote several times a day and looks at me with this sweet sideways face and says "Neigh", he wants me to put on the last 20 minutes of "Man from Snowy River". I think I have watched that scene 100 times now!

3) Trains - he recently discovered Thomas the Train and he loves him so much

4) Cars - he loves his little cars and the speed racing car set we got him at a garage sale, what a good purchase, he spends hours playing with it.

5) M&M and ice cream - his dad is the guilty party here, for some reason Moema thinks that giving him candy is a way of showing him love - I told him that will produce an obese child. His dad is getting better...but Calvin still loves his ice cream and M&Ms.

6) Sleeping - He is such a good sleeper. I think partially because that is the only time he is allowed his pacifier. He will regularly sleep from 8 until 9am and then take a nap from 1:00 to 3:00pm. I love it! He got his parents sleep habits.


1) Holding hands, he wants to run wild and free unfettered by his parents.

2) The shopping cart, his dad took him out once and now it is a fight every time. He screams "down, down" until I have to take him outside...again I blame Moema for this one.

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