Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Venting on Doctors..vaccines

Okay so I know I am going to get a lot of negative feedback on this blog probably but I really feel I need to vent. I love my son so much and have struggled so much with the vaccine questions. I have a nephew who has autism and I have many friends/family that have had similar issues, many times their symptons developed after getting immunizations. I am not saying I believe vaccines cause Autism but I have done enough research and am intelligent enough to know that pumping your child full of vaccine after vaccine while very young is not exactly easy on their tiny immune system. Therefore, I have decided to give Calvin immunizations but slow it down quite a bit. Now, I know Whooping Cough is going around so I did have him immunized for that, as I would for any disease I feel is a real threat to his health. However, the immunizations that I do not feel are urgent based on the disease prevalence or severity I am delaying, i.e. polio, chicken pox, rotovirus, etc...

Calvin has been the healthiest little boy and we have had no health issues, other than acid reflux when he was a baby. My doctor in Hawaii was very good and was totally fine and even supportive of delaying immunizations but the doctor I went to yesterday in Pennsylvania basically bit my head off. I just hate how doctors get this superior, "you are stupid" tone and tell you what a bad mother you are for not pumping your kid full of vaccines every appointment. He said, I hope you know what you are doing is very dangerous. Okay, I am not retarded, my son does not go to Day Care, he doesn't even go to nursery and we have no family around...hence he almost never comes in contact with other kids, his risk of catching polio really is not high. This doctor told me I should get seven vaccines at once to catch up- that seems really responsible seeing that after the one vaccine he got yesterday he is very ill! now lets times that by seven! His leg is so sore from where he got the shot he can't walk and he cried all night long from the one vaccine he got yesterday, so when doctors act like vaccines really have no side effects you realize they are not in touch with reality.

I just really hate when doctors treat you like a simpleton because you are willing to give credence to an idea that although not supported by the medical community (for obvious reasons of liability) does deserve being looked at based on the experience of millions of parents. Even if autism wasn't a factor, pumping a 1-day old baby with a Heb B vaccine when the mother doesn't have Hep B and it is basically an STD or something caught in prison, doesn't make much sense to me...and this is the case with many of the vaccines today...when I was a kid we got about 80% fewer vaccines and kids were not dying in droves of diseases in the 1980-90s.

Anyway, needless to say I am never going back to that doctor.