Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cafe Rio!!!!

So I hate to brag but I made Cafe Rio Pork Burritos/Salads for dinner the last two nights and there is nothing in this world that tastes better. I got all the recipes online and just feel like I have to share this joy with the world. It is a bit of work but it is so well worth it. For those of you who haven't been to Cafe Rio it is the best food on earth, it is tex-mex and I usually don't get obsessed with food places but I am completely obsessed with Cafe Rio, the only problem is they don't have any in the East so I have to attempt to make it for myself, this is a pretty darn good imitation of the orginal. I will attach the websites for the recipes below: - make the pork, salad dressing and lime rice included in this site Here is another version of the same thing
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  1. so i hate to brag too, but i actually got the real thing last week. (just left utah - brett's sister got married).
    Thanks for the hook-up on the recipes ally - no cafe rio in cali either. excited to try it out!

  2. mmm i'm gonna have to try this out! i love cafe rio too! i remember when you guys gave us some leftovers when you made it in hawaii. they just opened a cafe rio here in southern cali.

    calvin is huge now and SOOOO cute! oh my gosh! and congrats on the pregnancy! baby #2! we miss you guys!