Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from the Matsoso's

We are back from our awesome vacation to Israel and South AFrica. Our camera was dropped at the dome of the rock in Jerusalem so we are missing those photos..but they will be coming soon. We had so much fun in South AFrica with Moema's family. Calvin felt so at home there and did not want to leave, he loved the attention and LOVED his uncle thato, even though he shaved all his hair off. We spent three weeks there and had a fun trip to Mpumalanga and on Safari...we didn't want to leave but we are now living in Exton, Pennslyvania, near Philadelphia. We have a cute little townhouse and Moema is working for State Farm as an accountant. Life is great but we miss Hawaii so much!!!!! Please we want visitors...we are only about an hour from Hershey and twenty minutes from Philadelphia!


  1. so nice to hear from you guys again! :) it sure looked like you had a great time! I love the pictures from Africa that you posted. Calvin is so cute, even with all his hair gone. HE's such a stud! And wow, State Farm Moema!!! Way to go! We would definitely visit if we were not miles away from you guys..

  2. arrgggh! we're finally getting to hawaii in december. we'll probably get out to philly right about the time you guys are leaving!

    ...hope all is well and that you're starting to settle in. i'd be missing island life, too!