Monday, June 14, 2010

Our townhouse in Exton

Our humble abode...the one thing I really missed

when we were in Hawaii was carpet and I love this carpet!

Moema got his big screen tv, 42 inches

our townhouse...
Lately I have been missing Hawaii so much! I need to just get over it but it was just the perfect place for us, we had so many great friends we miss, we miss our girls in Hale 5, we miss that there was always something to do...and for free - the BEACH! I miss all of Calvin's little friends his age, the great married wards, and that everyone is so friendly, we miss the weather, the breeze, the food, everything...we may not have had fancy stuff or a lot of money but we were so happy there and had the perfect little life. I am so grateful we had the opportunity and that God blessed us with so many wonderful friends. We were also so blessed to get great jobs so we didn't have to always worry about money.
Now we have to face reality...Moema has to get used to working behind a desk 40hrs a week and I have to get used to not having a job or other things I had there to distract and Calvin are getting some great bonding time that is for sure:) I hope I can be a good Mom and put my whole life energy into trying to improve as a mother and wife and find meaning in those things, because in the end that is what is supposed to be the most meaningful.
I am trying to make the most of it here and find things to love about Pennsylvania. They do have Panera Bread here which is one good thing:) Our ward does seem really nice too...It is just going to take awhile to adjust but so far so good.
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  1. I hear you, Allyson... say Hi to Moema and Calvin for us.. :)

  2. Haven't read your blog in awhile. Calvin has gotten so big!!

    I know what you mean about trying to put all your energy into being a wife and mom. It hard to find that line.

  3. Your town house looks cute! I TOTALLY know what you mean about missing Hawaii! I still miss it every single day! I always ask myself why we left the place that seemed so perfect for us! At the same time, I feel like we are supposed to be where we are right now. It is hard to leave a place with such great friends with great children and move somewhere where you hardly know anyone! When we first moved here I would think about how my friends were probably all hanging out at the beach together and I would get sad because I was at home alone with Delmer. I would also feel guilty that Delmer didn't have all the little playmates that he would have had in Hawaii. I've started to find things to enjoy here and that has made me less homesick....but I feel for you because I remember how much I missed it at first! It looks like you guys are having fun though! We miss you all!!!!