Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our lovely day in New York City

We spent yesterday in New York City. It was so fun and guess who we ran brother Taylor. We had no idea he was in the city and he called me and asked where I was, I said in Toys r Us in NYC and he said, "I will be there in one minute". IT was crazy!!! So we hung out with him and his wife Shelley for a lot of the day. He took us to a swanky restaurant and back to his hotel at the Four Seasons (Miley Cyrus was staying down the hall, they saw her on the elevator in a skanky outfit:) What fun to see them again, it has been almost a year! We had so much fun in the city, stuff seems so cheap compared to London and Honolulu...except to go up the Empire State Building was like $20 so we didn't do that...but street food and the subway and even taxi's really aren't very expensive so that was really nice. It is nice to be only 2 hours away so we can go anytime we want.

Taylor and Shelley

From the Four Seasons
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  1. Allyson you look great!! looks like you guys had sooo much fun, so jealous!!! we miss you guys so much.... the posts are great... keep 'em comin...

  2. O my. Calvin is so big now and he can WALK!!! He looks like he lost the baby fat from walking. I miss you guys. One day after we get a place we have to come to your side of town!!

  3. how crazy! looks like fun - it's nice to live so close to such a big city.

    and wouldn't you know it? after all these years of you guys living in the HI, we finally got tickets to visit in December.

    isn't that just the way.

  4. Aloha! Calvin is so handsome,good to talk to you the other day. Congrats again!