Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our lovely day in New York City

We spent yesterday in New York City. It was so fun and guess who we ran brother Taylor. We had no idea he was in the city and he called me and asked where I was, I said in Toys r Us in NYC and he said, "I will be there in one minute". IT was crazy!!! So we hung out with him and his wife Shelley for a lot of the day. He took us to a swanky restaurant and back to his hotel at the Four Seasons (Miley Cyrus was staying down the hall, they saw her on the elevator in a skanky outfit:) What fun to see them again, it has been almost a year! We had so much fun in the city, stuff seems so cheap compared to London and Honolulu...except to go up the Empire State Building was like $20 so we didn't do that...but street food and the subway and even taxi's really aren't very expensive so that was really nice. It is nice to be only 2 hours away so we can go anytime we want.

Taylor and Shelley

From the Four Seasons
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Our Day in New York

Empire State Building

Calvin was freaked out by elmo...later we saw this elmo using the bathroom on the wall in the subway, sort of funny sight.

Toys R US ferris Wheel

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Calvin at 16 months

Calvin 16 months...he finally can walk!

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Our townhouse in Exton

Our humble abode...the one thing I really missed

when we were in Hawaii was carpet and I love this carpet!

Moema got his big screen tv, 42 inches

our townhouse...
Lately I have been missing Hawaii so much! I need to just get over it but it was just the perfect place for us, we had so many great friends we miss, we miss our girls in Hale 5, we miss that there was always something to do...and for free - the BEACH! I miss all of Calvin's little friends his age, the great married wards, and that everyone is so friendly, we miss the weather, the breeze, the food, everything...we may not have had fancy stuff or a lot of money but we were so happy there and had the perfect little life. I am so grateful we had the opportunity and that God blessed us with so many wonderful friends. We were also so blessed to get great jobs so we didn't have to always worry about money.
Now we have to face reality...Moema has to get used to working behind a desk 40hrs a week and I have to get used to not having a job or other things I had there to distract and Calvin are getting some great bonding time that is for sure:) I hope I can be a good Mom and put my whole life energy into trying to improve as a mother and wife and find meaning in those things, because in the end that is what is supposed to be the most meaningful.
I am trying to make the most of it here and find things to love about Pennsylvania. They do have Panera Bread here which is one good thing:) Our ward does seem really nice too...It is just going to take awhile to adjust but so far so good.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from the Matsoso's

We are back from our awesome vacation to Israel and South AFrica. Our camera was dropped at the dome of the rock in Jerusalem so we are missing those photos..but they will be coming soon. We had so much fun in South AFrica with Moema's family. Calvin felt so at home there and did not want to leave, he loved the attention and LOVED his uncle thato, even though he shaved all his hair off. We spent three weeks there and had a fun trip to Mpumalanga and on Safari...we didn't want to leave but we are now living in Exton, Pennslyvania, near Philadelphia. We have a cute little townhouse and Moema is working for State Farm as an accountant. Life is great but we miss Hawaii so much!!!!! Please we want visitors...we are only about an hour from Hershey and twenty minutes from Philadelphia!

The haircut!

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More South AFrica

Calvin with Grandma, Uncle, Great Grandma and Great Uncle

He loved all the attention!

Great Grandma's house

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Monday, June 7, 2010

South Africa Photos

The Potholes, in South Africa

Cool leopard in Kruger National Park

MacMac Fall
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