Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 months old!

I am nine months now!

Things I love:
1. Daddy - okay so now when I am holding him he reaches for daddy and doesn't want to come back, I am a little offended after all I have done for him! But of course the exception to this rule is the middle of the night when he will only be held by mom and no one else - how convenient for dad! He used to only love me and now it seems it is the age of dad, when he walks in the door his face lights up and he holds his arms up to be held. I figure it is because dad doesn't do any of the mean things I do to him - like change his diaper (which he hates), put him to bed, or wipe his face.
2. Eating - Calvin loves food more than any baby I have ever seen - we can' t sit down to a meal without him gazing up at us like a dog begging for food and doing his little "MMMMMM" beg until we give in. It is not that I don't feed him enough, I mean this boy can eat almost as much as me! He will certainly have to go into sports so he doesn't get huge when he older:) He always knows when we have food, he gets really excited when he sees one of us eating yogurt.
3. Crawling - he has started to full on crawl now, as soon as grandma and grandpa walked in the door he started and now he is on the move! I need to do some major baby proofing.
4. His hands, he loves playing with his hands, putting them in his mouth and he is especially using them to shovel in food:) He is really good with his hands which dad takes as a sign of his future sports sucess
5. Shaking his head no. He doesn't know what it means yet but he loves shaking his head, it is one of his very few tricks. We are still waiting for him to figure out clapping and bye-bye.
5. The ocean, he has a cute little floaty and he loves just relaxing in the waves.

Things I hate:
1. Diaper Change
2. Sleeping in my crib - but Mom makes me!
3. Rice

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  1. He and Leah have some similarities except she always reaches back for Mom which is very convenient for Levin. She is down with rice, but there is no way in heck I'd ever get her to float in the waves. She is terrified of the swimming pool. The little floaty we got her is a big waste.
    We're still working on the crib thing too. She wakes up screaming at least 3 sometimes 6 times a night.