Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I thought it was time for a little update. Great news! Moema got a job offer from State Farm! We are so happy and relieved, what a blessing to have that security. It pays pretty well and Moema will enjoy it - he is the Financial development program so he will start off in a zone - likely either Arizona, Florida, or Washington. After two years they want us to come back to Blooming ton, IL to the headquarters. Who knows what the future holds but if they pay for his MBA we will probably stay with them for about four years. My brother Taylor, who is VP over Human Resource for Pepsi Canada was making fun of Moema yesterday. He said it is a good sign you are not on the cutting edge business world if your company has the word Farm in it. Then he teased that he would probably be over insuring milk cows utters or something:) Ha. He reminded him that State Farm is in the top forty on the fortune 500- yet we do wish they didn't have such a dumb name. So we will start June 2010, but before that the real party starts.

We have eight more months in paradise and then back to the mainland. Our plan is to ship or car to LA then drive to Flagstaff, AZ to see my sister, then to Utah to see my parents, then cross country to Washington DC to see my brother Oliver, then fly out of NYC to Jerusalem to do 10 days in the Holy Land and Jordan!!! Then we spend three weeks in South Africa with Moema's family - we hope to do a safari in Botswana and do a genealogy trip to Lesotho. What a party! We then are flying back to NYC, going to see my sister in Albany and my brother in Toronto and then to wherever we are "stationed". Here is our trip map http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=103292690504096804630.0004728c7ea9f7f0761f8&ll=-12.554564,-41.484375&spn=122.3829,225.351562&z=2

I am very excited. I have been to Jerusalem before but Moema never has and neither of us have been to Jordan. Our goal is to do one international trip a year. We did India in 2008, Canada (I know its lame) in 2009, and we will do this big trip 2010. Next I want to go to Russia or Southeast Asia.

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  1. Hi Ally! Congrats to Moema on the job offer, that's wonderful! Sounds like you have some amazing places to look forward to next summer! I hope your first zone is in Florida...please come out there!! Preferable near Orlando :) And FYI Canada is NOT lame...George would be so mad if he saw that, haha. Seriously though it has some amazing wilderness up there. I hear there is some amazing rock climbing in Jordan...you'll have to try it out!