Sunday, September 20, 2009

The passing of a friend

So I usually don't actually write much on this blog but I thought I would follow Sarah Tafuna's example and write a little something about Amanda Gunter. She was a dear friend of mine who died Thursday in a car crash. She is survived by her husband, Levin Gunter, and one year old daughter Ansley. She was primary president in our ward, 12th Ward and called me as 1st Counselor. We worked together often and she was an incredible president. She loved those children so much and would often have the older primary girls over to her house to do activities with them. She was very compassionate and loving. When I was struggling with infertility she was often comfort me and ask me how I was doing. She was always happy and had no pretensions or pride about her. She was so incredibly talented and shared those talents readily with those around her. I really looked up to her as a person. She loved her little girl so much and was the cutest little mom. Her husband and her were inseparable and she was very loyal and loving towards him. It was such a shock to hear of her death. I must admit it showed me some of my weakness because I just cried and cried all day and found myself questioning the purpose of it all, I thought of how Levin must be feeling and how I would feel if my own spouse passed away. Is it worth all the sorrow and pain? - sometimes loving someone so much can be a dangerous thing. I do see that I can not ever understand God's will but I wish I could! I feel so badly for Levin and little Ansley and I really pray for both of them that they can feel Amanda with them. I do take comfort in the knowledge they will be together again but I pray that their transition to this new life without their precious wife and mother won't be too much to handle. But I am so grateful that although it is okay to grieve in times of loss, we all know where to turn and we all will be comforted in these times.

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