Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday suprises.

My dorm girls suprised me by heart attacking my door and giving me a big card. They are so sweet and I really love all 200 of my daughters. I love my job, it is so fun to get to know all these girls and try and help them not be homesick and feel loved and welcome. They love little Calvin so much! Moema got me season nine of Seinfeld and JaLayne got me the worlds sharpest knife. LUcinda got me a $30 gift certificate and mom got me goji berries and an apron. WE went to INdian for dinner and MOema made me a black forrest cake from scratch which we shared with some of our dorm girls. What a great birthday!
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  1. happy birthday allyson! looks like you got treated extra special, just like you deserve!