Monday, August 3, 2009

The Miracle of Kahuku

So last week a girl in the dorm blacked out and hit her head and cut it open really deep. The RA called the health center and they asked me to take her to the ER. Well since I was alone with the baby, and this girl had some unknown swine flu-like sickenss I didn't want to take her and the baby in the same car. So I asked her rommate to just take my car to the Kahuku Hospital, which is about five minutes away. Well I get a call awhile later from the rommate frantic, it seems she had gotten in a wreck with the car. She ran into a pole or soemething. The poor girl was already so stressed out about her sick roommate and then she dented the Hale Mom's car. Anyway, I just calmed her down and asked how bad it was, she said it was a big dent in the back. Well I told her not to stress but we would figure it out when she got back. Five hours later they were done at the ER and she came and showed me the damage, it is in the photo below. It looked pretty bad. I told Moema and he was upset but kind and forgiving as usual. Anyway, I just told the girl not to worry we would get it fixed. I went to bed and the next morning took it out to run errands - I finally got the courage to look at the dent again that afternoon and to my supprise it was gone!!!! I called the girl who wrecked it and she said she didn't have it fixed, it seems the days of miracles has not ended!
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  1. oh my gosh that is so crazy!! what a great seems you received this miracle for giving the miracle of forgiveness!