Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting up from our nap.


  1. Allyson- you are such a cute mom! Your little Calvin is yummy- oh my- he really could be a model. I'm so happy for you and Moema. It was fun to look at your family pictures.

  2. Hi Allyson! Welcome to the world of blogging! i think its funny that clavin likes to sleep on his tummy, Zachary hates being on his tummy, he will be ther efor like 30 seconds and then screams!!! Argh...its so exciting to think that we are both mummys now!!!

  3. hey allyson! i never realized you had a blog! i am so excited to be able to keep in contact with you guys and see all the adorable pictures of calvin!

    and thanks for the update about the airport ride...shenley told me they are just going to drive your car to the airport. that works out perfectly! i hope we get to see you guys too! (as of recently it looks like we probably will be here a few days after july 10th)