Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calvin's cute little idiosyncrasies:

He easily gets addicted - every few weeks I have to take his pacifier away or he get so attached to it he wants it in his mouth twenty four hours a day - No coke or video games for him when he is older!

He loves his mom - I know this sounds conceited but my boy sure loves me. From the moment of his birth he seems to know who I am. He even smiled at me the first time I saw him. He will cry and cry with anyone else but the second I hold him he calms down. He used to really get mad when his dad held him, but now he is getting used to him. When he is on his dad's tummy though he will lean towards me, it is so cute. But this does give his dad a good excuse for handing him off to me quickly when he cries:)

He loves Noise - his best sleep has been had during an extremely loud Seasider game and watching Star Trek in the theater.

He loves Red Hot Chili Peppers - When he starts freaking out in the car, we put the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Moema's phone and put it up to his ear and he will calm down immediately. If we try other music he doesn't like it, he is very particular.

He is already scared of strangers- At 3 1/2 months he already gets scared when a stranger comes too close or makes funny faces at him. At State Farm a lady came up and was making a fuss over him and his lower lip came out and he started screaming until she left.

He refuses to sleep on his back - He used to be a very light sleeper with short naps until I put him on his tummy, now he sleeps great. No matter how I try to get him to sleep on his back he won't - stubborn boy!

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  1. So cute! I like your blog. These are cute things to remember. Everyone tells me I will forget everything about my babies so it's good to write these things down. I still hope I don't forget though.
    I am your very first follower!